Support Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What measurements do I need to order a spiral kit?
    You will need to measure the exact height within .25” between the landing are and the top of the deck, including the width of the decking to ensure that your stairs end on the correct side.
  • How long will delivery take and can I pick up my stair kit?
    Trex Spiral Stairs will ship your spiral stair kit directly to your door. Delivery time is typically 6 weeks from payment.
  • Are there any special building code requirements to consider when installing a spiral stair kit?
    Many areas follow BOCA or UBC codes or variations of the BOCA or UBC codes. All Trex Spiral Stair products pass BOCA/UBC code requirements. We recommend that you contact your local building inspector to find out what code applies to your area and how that code is interpreted.
  • Are there any special spiral stair kit ordering consideration I should make for children or pets?
    For small children and pets, Our CODE stair kits come standard with in-between spindles, which provide less than a 4" spacing between verticals. We also offer diamond plate and Trex treads. In addition, you may want to use a gate at the top of the stair. Of course, as with any staircase (straight or spiral), you should never leave small children unattended on or near it.
  • How long does assembly take? And do I need a contractor to help me install my spiral stair kit?
    Installing a stair kit from Trex Spiral Stairs is a two-person job. For the typical do-it-yourselfer, the stairs can be installed without the help of a contractor. However, we do recommend that everyone (experienced or not) consult a qualified contractor. The contractor will help identify whether any additional structural support will be required, and he or she can reroute pipes and electric lines. For two do-it-yourselfers, Trex Spiral Stairs can be assembled in about 6–8 hours. For all stair kits from Trex Spiral Stairs, all you will need are basic hand tools and an electric drill. Before installing your spiral stair kit, we strongly recommend that you read through the entire installation manual. Then refer to it again during setup. This will help you visualize the entire process and identify potential difficulties up front. And if you are able to read through the instructions during business hours, you can call Trex Spiral Stairs during your read-through for assistance. This will prevent you from running into a problem while installing your stair kit during the weekend, and being forced to stop.
  • I want to paint my galvanized spiral stairs a custom color. Should I paint them before or after assembly? Should I use any special paint for finish?
    Galvanized stairs must weather before painting. Once weathered, contact your local paint store for the appropriate primer and paint for something that has been galvanized.
  • What if something goes wrong?
    By reading the instructions before assembling the stairs, you should identify any problems before you start installing. However, if you run into a problem, simply call Trex Spiral Stairs at 877-488-1906. Our technicians can help you with almost any problem that may arise during assembly. Our kits are all quality-checked before shipping to ensure that you get all of the right components. What’s more, all of our stair kits are guaranteed for 25 years from the date of purchase. If you ever have a problem with your spiral stair kit from Trex Spiral Stairs, EVER, call us and we will work with you to remedy the problem.
  • What if I lose my installation Manual?
    Our installation manuals are available for downloading as PDFs which you can view on-screen and print as a hard copy.
  • What if my building department or inspector asks for an ICBO number?
    The following are available for Trex® Spiral Stairs™: LA City Standard Plans for spirals: Std Plan 111-T City of Los Angeles for CBC/IRC Metal Spirals for all Trex Spirals. Std Plan 111 has also been adopted for City of San Diego California. Licenses: City of Los Angeles Licensed Steel Fabricator #1150 (City of Los Angeles conducts random inspections on our fabrication plant in Broomall, PA) County of San Bernardino Licensed Fabricator